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Tailors Ham??

I was desperate to make my own tailors ham, but the thing is, do I have the necessary materials to do it? I may not be an expert in sewing but I can understand how it works, modesty aside I made some bags, personalised gifts for my daughters’ friends/classmates and clothes for my daughters (it is always nice to sew clothes for them because they can’t complain 🙂 and they admire it actually!) What pushed me to look for tailors ham — I need it for my craftsy class, I really don’t know if I have to use the word NEED, because there is an alternative like a rolled towel, but it is nice to have one. And so after I made some readings last night and some research well at first I looked for it online which unfortunately it’s expensive just to have when in fact I might not use it frequently, so I decided to make my own. TADAHHHH!!! hahahaha I guess you looked surprised, well me as well, I don’t know if I printed properly the pattern or maybe my sewing is wrong but this is the outcome of what I made. Question, is there a right or wrong on how a tailors ham would look like? I don’t know all I know is its suppose to be shaped like a ham. What I put inside is wood fibre which I found it at humblet store, it is cheap it is mainly used for hamsters/rabbits beddings. I might make another one that will look like a tailors ham or shaped like an oblong because this one it is shaped like a circle in the coming days but for now I will just admire the first one I made :-)!

20150620_230105_Avenue Albert Mahiels

20150620_230214_Avenue Albert Mahiels

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Monster Bash!!!

I got these cool embroidery files at Creative Embroidery Machine, its monster bash treat bags made by littleairplanedesigns. It was my first time to make ITH project from CEM. It took me 3 days to finish because I did 2 projects per day and as mother there are a lot of chores that I have to accomplish before hubby and kids arrive back home from work and school. I change the fabric colors because I took these remaining fabrics I bought for my nieces’ giveaway bow pouches. I just made some mix and match and also love the outcome even if the colors are not suppose to be like these. So enjoy!



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