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Hi everybody! Here I am again! Hmmmmm what to say what to say??? Lets see… Wait i remember I uploaded a video of my girls doing make-up on each other, well it’s just for fun. I know they are both young for such. And yeah, my eldest daughter started her catechism for her first communion (09 May), and that will be 2 sundays per month untill the D day. Hubby brought her to the meeting place at 9:30 to do catechism. To tell you honestly I don’t remember if in my time we did such catechism thing for first communion because all my school year life I’ve studied in a private catholic school so I can never tell if there’s a particular preparation for the first communion like catechism hmmm not unless I must have forgotten about it. The only thing I remember was we are all gathered at church for the general practice and the girls are all wearing white headband veil plus our school uniform and since I came from a catholic school then we all knew each other because we are classmates and schoolmates unlike my daughter who is studying in a public school here then she’s the only one coming from her school although she have other classmates from religion class. She did enjoyed her first day of catechism. She even introduced her new found friend to us. I can never forget that night because she was so nice to everybody when we came back home I was even making fun of her to not to go to sleep or else this being nice of her will all disappear once she falls asleep :-)!
Anyway, I am putting a light make-up nowadays and learning how to dress up more often and getting organized in our apartment. We just move 7 months ago to what I call it our “own” humble abode and still cluttered and disorganized here. Still have plenty of stuff to dispose. I have plenty of plans in upgrading our kitchen a little and also our bathroom so budget budget budget. It will be a 6 month to a year plan. So thats about it I do hope I didn’t bore you with my blog, see you again on my next post. 🙂

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New me?

Its been a week now since I posted my first blog for this year and so far been planning to post every week as much as possible. As what I said before, New year, new beginning, new me. Hmmmm…. What has change since then on? Nothing that much, I went back in exercising which is a 30minute moderate/brisk walking, a 2.3-2.5km. distance, well I do it mainly to fetch the girls from school then to go back home we’re taking the bus because its such a pity for my girls to walk as such distance and yes it’s cold. Ah yeah I posted a video on youtube which I am trying to learn how to edit, voice over, music and etc. But for this video I finally decided not to put voice because I am not happy with how I say things. I still have a long way to go in learning stuff and I have been open to suggestions and comments for improvement, my hubby is my number one critic well a good one he do always say good stuff (to make me feel good hahaha). And lastly, I have been trying to have an activity with my girls especially my eldest, she is becoming bored most of the time, she always demand to do something. At one time I taught her how to sew on a small pink sewing machine which i bought long time ago while I sew on mine which it did not last long because sewing on a small one is wayyy too difficult than a regular sewing machine. So thats about it for now I do hope to see you again on my next blog, and yes please do visit my youtube channel I am open to comments and suggestions but please be “gentle” I am such a sensitive person 🙂

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Welcome 2013

Where do I begin, hahaha here we go again. New year, new beginning, new me!? Huh? New me, how will i do that tell me…

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