iPad Pro 10.5″ accessories

I posted a video about “iPad Pro 10.5″ accessories” on youtube.


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iPad Pro 10.5″ Rose Gold/Apple Pencil/Magic Keyboard unboxing

I posted a video about the “iPad Pro 10.5″ Rose Gold/Apple Pencil/Magic Keyboard unboxing” on youtube.


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What my kids got for Christmas 2017!

I posted a video about “What my kids for for Christmas 2017” on youtube. In here my kids tell the gifts that they received.


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DIY Christmas Sewing Gifts/Ideas 2017

I posted a video about DIY Christmas Sewing Gifts/Ideas 2017 on youtube. This is my third year that I have been posting it but have been doing it way beforehand because having a personalized gifts for me makes the person special.



Sweatkleid Chloe/Teenie Bella/Easy Modern Apron of Betz White

23 December 2017

These are the last clothes and gift that I made for my DIY Christmas Sewing Gifts/Ideas 2017. Two dresses for my daughters, for the eldest it is a Sweatkleid Chloe and for my youngest it is a Sweatkleid Teenie Bella, patterns are both from Both fabrics are jersey knit fabrics that I bought at Royal Tissus here in Liege. The Easy Modern Apron of Betz White is a class from One of the fabrics I used here is also bought at Royal Tissus and the other is from stash.


Voku-Hila Rock Skirt

21 December 2017

Finally I made this Voku-Hila-Rock Skirt, pattern is from This is an experiment because I don’t have any idea of what fabric will I use but in this case I used a blue jeans fabric that I have, plain and easy to pair it with a decorative shirt or blouse. This jeans is not that thick but there’s still stiffness in it. Easy to follow instructions from youtube and at the same time easy to sew. My sister from Philippines says that such skirt is the “in“ thing there.



Annex Double-Zip Box Pouch

18 December 2017

My eldest daughter asked this project long time ago and you know me I always have this bad habit to — procrastinate but I am able to make it on time. This is Annex Double – Zip Box Pouch, pattern is from I made this night till dawn and so I have to recuperate some zzZZZ after. This is my daughters’ gift for what they call “cacauette” or simply exchange gifts at her school. And of course I prefer not to wrap so you can see on the photos how it will be given.