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Summershorts “Flora”

24 June 2017

Summer just started recently, well the end of spring it was already hot so I consider it to be summer. I made this shorts Flora, pattern is from Since my eldest daughter has been asking for shorts so there she have one now in addition to what she was wearing already before. It is kind of exciting that I was able to sew clothing for my children or even hubby. The jeans was bought at Royal Tissus.



Rosie Crossbody Bag

18 June 2017

My eldest daughter received a second hand phone from her father and so I have to make a bigger bag for her. On the first photo, this was her previous bag that she has been using since she received it last Christmas. So I used the same handle for this Rosie Crossbody Bag, pattern is from Actually I’ve cut these fabrics long time ago (1 Dec 2016) and it is now that I have decided to sew it and just the same time that it is called for. You may notice it is quite the same exterior fabric and accents like the one from Dollie Mini Crossbody which is also the pattern of


Jerseykleid Mira

21 May 2017

A Jerseykleid Mira, pattern is from It is not that I am bragging but compare to sewing clothes with bags, clothes are much easier to sew. I made this dress for my eldest daughter for her “Profession de Foi”/Grand Communion last 21 May. The last photo (with her sister) is what she wears in the ceremony. It is my daughter who chose this pattern. Bought the fabric at and it is a bit pricier because its an organic fabric. The brown fabric is bought at stoffenspektakel recently.20170521_15124720170521_123352


Warren the Charity Bear

1 May 2017

I’ve been meaning to make an embroidered photo of us for my youngest daughter and yes I came out with a great idea. This is Warren the Charity Bear, pattern is from of Wendi Gratz. Normally this bear is a bit small but I made it a little bit bigger so that the embroidered photo will fit on his tummy. And since my daughter is going to sleep for the first time somewhere for two nights then this will come in handy. I use felt fabric for the nose/eyes and simple flowery fabric for the heart and muzzle of the bear.


Lilium Laptop Bag

24 April 2017

A Lilium Laptop Bag, pattern is from www. I should have done this four months ago meant to be used by my eldest daughter for her elocution because she needs a good cushioned bag for her laptop when she will bring it to school just to present slides for her report together with a classmate. It is hard for me to construct this bag because of all the thickness going on inside, well mainly with the presence of the foam inside already but the rest it was ok. Even with the difficulties that I encounter this is already my third laptop bag would you believe. What matters is how will it look like at the end.


Hoodie/Kapuzenpullover Lynn

11 March 2017

A Hoodie or Kapuzenpullover Lynn, pattern is from I do not remember when I cut this fluffy fabric but most probably two months ago, yeah that long. This is also one of the pending projects that I would have done last December. In this case, I got disappointed because its fluffy and by being fluffy fabric it is indeed hard to sew, there will be shifting going on due to the fluffiness. And yes this hoodie have lots of imperfections well I do always have that in all my projects. But I am happy I was able to pull through with this project so that is quite ok now. If ever I will sew this again I would maybe choose a fleece or a jersey.


Back to doing youtube videos…

That is right, I am back on doing youtube videos again. The latest one is a make-up for kids 4. It took sometime for the 4th one to be filmed, normally I would do it every 6 months so that I can see the evolution of my daughters as time goes by. And since it is summer time (grand vacances as they call it) so they have lots of free time I would say. My daughters get bored easily from watching TV (Netflix included), to DS, to youtube, to creativebug and so forth and so on. We are living in an apartment so there is no garden or backyard that they can run into. But for now they have day activity located at their school which is organized by the Municipality of Liege which is not free but have a small amount to pay. Today was their first day and first time to go there. Actually at first I was thinking of enrolling them at Atlas Sports but it was too late we should have enrolled them early June or the latest would be mid June. In Atlas Sports there are a lot of choices to choose from as a day activity and one of the choice is swimming, would like them to know at least the basic swimming. Oh yeah, there is another choice which is Vacances Vivante which is organizing acivities also for Belgacom employees children, same for SNCB, Bpost and others, with this one our daughters doesn’t like it but they said that they be given a chance to see first this one they are into now and if they will not enjoy this one maybe they might switch to Vacances Vivante or Atlas Sports in August, we’ll see by then.

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