New me?

08 Jan

Its been a week now since I posted my first blog for this year and so far been planning to post every week as much as possible. As what I said before, New year, new beginning, new me. Hmmmm…. What has change since then on? Nothing that much, I went back in exercising which is a 30minute moderate/brisk walking, a 2.3-2.5km. distance, well I do it mainly to fetch the girls from school then to go back home we’re taking the bus because its such a pity for my girls to walk as such distance and yes it’s cold. Ah yeah I posted a video on youtube which I am trying to learn how to edit, voice over, music and etc. But for this video I finally decided not to put voice because I am not happy with how I say things. I still have a long way to go in learning stuff and I have been open to suggestions and comments for improvement, my hubby is my number one critic well a good one he do always say good stuff (to make me feel good hahaha). And lastly, I have been trying to have an activity with my girls especially my eldest, she is becoming bored most of the time, she always demand to do something. At one time I taught her how to sew on a small pink sewing machine which i bought long time ago while I sew on mine which it did not last long because sewing on a small one is wayyy too difficult than a regular sewing machine. So thats about it for now I do hope to see you again on my next blog, and yes please do visit my youtube channel I am open to comments and suggestions but please be “gentle” I am such a sensitive person 🙂

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