Back to doing youtube videos…

06 Jul

That is right, I am back on doing youtube videos again. The latest one is a make-up for kids 4. It took sometime for the 4th one to be filmed, normally I would do it every 6 months so that I can see the evolution of my daughters as time goes by. And since it is summer time (grand vacances as they call it) so they have lots of free time I would say. My daughters get bored easily from watching TV (Netflix included), to DS, to youtube, to creativebug and so forth and so on. We are living in an apartment so there is no garden or backyard that they can run into. But for now they have day activity located at their school which is organized by the Municipality of Liege which is not free but have a small amount to pay. Today was their first day and first time to go there. Actually at first I was thinking of enrolling them at Atlas Sports but it was too late we should have enrolled them early June or the latest would be mid June. In Atlas Sports there are a lot of choices to choose from as a day activity and one of the choice is swimming, would like them to know at least the basic swimming. Oh yeah, there is another choice which is Vacances Vivante which is organizing acivities also for Belgacom employees children, same for SNCB, Bpost and others, with this one our daughters doesn’t like it but they said that they be given a chance to see first this one they are into now and if they will not enjoy this one maybe they might switch to Vacances Vivante or Atlas Sports in August, we’ll see by then.

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