New sewing machine!

11 Jan

I began to sew late 2008. Oh well most probably early 2009, or rather 2010. Oh my oh my I’m getting old I barely remember when! Anyway, the old sewing machine I have (well up to now it’s in good working condition) it’s a cheap one – Brother LS2125, I think its 70-80€ if I’m not mistaken. I sew lots of stuff on that one, the recent ones were the gift wraps last christmas. From bags, zippered pouches, totes, lengthening of my daughters dresses, skirts, shorts and etc. My skills probably between beginner to intermediate. I love sewing bags! I don’t have formal sewing class but I do remember we had project way back high school days which I don’t think so I learn anything from way back then. I remember if I am submitting my sewing project I always asks my aunt, oh those were the olden days, gosh I miss her. And so last christmas I receive a new sewing and embroidery machine combo – Brother NV 955!!! Well to tell you honestly at first it was Brother NV 55 that we ordered online and after having the machine for a week or two thats the time I saw Brother NV 955 which I fell in love immediately, its not the I don’t like the first purchase its just that I was not happy with the fonts/alphabets that it has, actually it was a nice one considering my first machine is a mechanical one. I receive the Brother NV 955 last monday and ironically I am overwhelmed with what I will saw first oh by the way I can sew in the middle of the night because its not noisy to sew. Since monday I sew one zippered pouch, shorten my hubbys pants and today I was about to ruin it–while shortening the length of a jeans! It’s my first time to experience a bended needle and it stucked on the needle plate. But of course right now I fixed it and stopped sewing, I guess I’ll sew the jeans on the old one, hehehehe! Thank you for dropping by and feel free to watch my unboxing of Brother NV 955 on youtube.

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